10 ways to clean your Thermomix

To have your most efficient Thermomix and keep it as long as possible, it is essential to clean it after each use, here are 10 ways to clean your thermomix, easily and quickly.

  1. To clean the main unit and the screen

Wipe it with a soft, damp cloth and a cleaning product. Use as little water as possible to prevent moisture from entering the device.

  1.  To clean the burnt bottom of the Thermomix bowl

Mix the baking soda with a few drops of water to obtain a paste, then spread a thick layer on the bottom of the Thermomix bowl. Leave the dough for 15 minutes then rub gently.

  1. Daily washing

After each use, to wash the bowl of the Thermomix, pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid with a little water, give 2 or 3 turbo strokes, then rinse the bowl under running water and it becomes like new.

  1. For deep cleaning

Sometimes Thermomix needs a little more serious cleaning, for this put 250 g of vinegar, 600 g of water and 1 teaspoon of baking soda (watch out for the reaction at the start) then set 10 min Varoma to speed 1.

  1. To remove traces and strong odors

Put half a lemon in the bowl then mix for 9 seconds on speed 10, scrape the walls with a spatula and add 400 g of water then set the Varoma temperature for 15 minutes at speed 4. Rinse after.

  1. To clean the knives

It may sound strange, but eggshells are great for cleaning the blades. Pour water until covering the blades then add eggshells, give 15 to 20 turbo strokes then rinse with water.

  1. To clean between the knife blades.

To remove stains that stick between the blades, just use a toothbrush.

  1. Washing in the dishwasher

All parts produced since July 2006 are suitable for the dishwasher. The basic appliance is not suitable for dishwashers, nor are all knives produced before July 2006.
Never leave knives in dishwater for too long to avoid damaging them.

  1. To dry the bowl of the Thermomix

Put a clean, damp cloth in the bowl, then set 10 sec at speed 6 seconds at speed 1 in reverse.

  1. To clean the Varoma

Thoroughly clean your Varoma, its steam tray and its cover with soapy water or in the dishwasher.
When washing your Varoma always use a soft sponge. Never use sharp objects or wire brushes that can scratch it.


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